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Scholarship - Everything you need to know

Do you want a degree away for free? Not only in public universities you can go to law school for free, free free administration or medicine, for example. There are several resources you can use to achieve this dream.

The obvious way to get free college is, of course, pass the entrance exam at a public university. But it is practically unattainable to many, because the rich have more access to the best pre-college preparatory courses and usually occupy the majority of seats in public universities. Scholarships are the best way to get to college for free. There are many scholarship programs of the government that today only college who does not want to.

You also have the option of delivering short courses certificate in your home.


I know one person who, even with more than 35 years old, managed to make college free right thanks to a scholarship from the Prouni.

The Prouni is a federal government program that grants full or partial scholarships to low-income students in private institutions of higher education. The University for All Program offers grants of integral studies for students who have family income of up to 1.5 minimum wages. The program also provides partial scholarships for those who come from families earning up to three minimum wages.

Who selects students for the scholarships is the MEC for it using the note struck in Enem (National High School Exam). If there are remaining vacancies, their own colleges and universities can make the selection. It is estimated that by 2015 only Prouni have allowed the education of more than 10 million new workers with higher education by 2015.

Sergio, one of the employees here at HypeScience, managed to complete the course for free at PUC-SP administration through scholarship from the FIES.

Created in 1999, the Student Financing Program provides graduate studies scholarship in higher education of those students can not afford the costs of their education and are enrolled in private institutions register with the program and with positive evaluation processes in the MEC.

In 2005, the FIES began offering scholarships to students also approved Prouni and pay 50%.

Only in 2006 were almost 450 000 students who received such scholarships Prouni.

Another way to get a scholarship is to work at the university in some way, for example, in a sector on campus. Working with scientific research can lead to the award of a scholarship offered by the CNPq for the development of science.

Another form of scholarship offered is the provision of student services for the University, how to work in a sector within the campus. Conduct the study for scientific research could also yield scholarships as offered by CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Knowledge).

A scholarship from CAPES is also focused on scientific development, but is offered only to graduate students.
Scholarships in private universities

Say you have not achieved any of the things described above. Universities and colleges across the country offer scholarships to more than half of their students in the form of discounts to curb delinquency.

There are, in these companies, various types of discount in tuition: Purse-old bag-merit (good grades), scholarship for employees and partners, own finance, etc.

Already in enrollment institutions which evaluate the salary range of the student's family and direct you to the best scholarships for that case. They make any business to keep the student. Including good grades for college scholarships can yield.
Scholarships and Student Financing refundable

This is your last resort, but since so many people use it. Consist of a loan that can be done by a bank (see your manager) or by an educational institution. If the Scholarship is total or partial, it will depend on the criteria that the institution provides. In all cases, payment begins to be done a few years after the end of the course, month by month. In the case of scholarships offered by universities, these tend to be awarded to students with the best yield notes, presence, participation, etc.

In one of these criteria you will certainly fit. Otherwise that means is money left in your pocket and you can pay without blinking. How could you prove today in Brazil, only who does not want free college.

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